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Basic 12 in 1
incastro | Mini-Pink
incastro | Mini Basic
incastro | Maxi-Basic
incastro | Maxi-Pink
incastro | Midi-Basic
incastro | Midi-Pink
incastro | Colors-200

The INCASTRO colors collected in the most beautiful color combinations to create an infinite number of ideas. The Basic combination includes primary colors and the Pink combination is based on feminine shades. The combination 200 contains all the basic colors.


Compact packaging

The COLORS series is collected in practical and resistant resealable recycled cardboard packs, designed to best preserve the INCASTRO and easily carry them with you. The 200 format has a practical handle which makes it a comfortable suitcase.


MINI | MIDI | MAXI | 200

Available in 4 sizes represented by a size to allow everyone to choose according to their needs. MINI MIDI AND MAXI are available in the Basic and Pink versions.


12 in 1 Objects

Each package allows you to build more than 12 different objects. From the key ring to the bridge, useful objects or jewelry to wear, animals or planes, unleash creativity and live your creations.


Level 1-7 | Instructions

Each package contains the instruction booklet with all levels of difficulty. Each level also corresponds to the number of pieces in the pack. Start with a few pieces and have fun always inventing new shapes.