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Learn by playing

Incastro is a useful teaching tool for all teachers and educators attentive to innovations.
Interlocking is a toy that helps children
develop their skills both during school hours and at home.
Incastro has as its principle that of proposing
play as a useful learning method for the education of children by developing imagination , social skills , concentration and visual perception .
Incastro offers educational activities using the colors, shape and combinations of bricks.


  • Increase thinking ability

  • Spatial imagination

  • Auto-acquisition

  • Perception of colors

  • Communication skills

  • Building capacity

  • Progressive learning levels



Learn playing

Symmetry proportions balance resistance series geometry associations sets similarity are just some of the principles that are experimented in the school environment with Incastro.


Learn the colors and their associations, the alphanumeric code creating letters and numbers but also geometric shapes. Incastro is a game that stimulates creativity by promoting concentration, developing fine motor skills and coordination.


It is a tactile and form experience that favors both two-dimensional and three-dimensional spatial perception and orientation and psychomotor coordination of reasoning and movement.


For this reason it is also useful in the rehabilitative and therapeutic field.

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