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iS_Bridge_100 3DS.png
Play like an architect
Infinite constructions

Incastro is a new educational toy based on a single module, which allows you to build in all directions.
Thanks to a serial shape it is possible to create flat, three-dimensional, curved or mobile structures without special pieces.
Incastro is a toy for all ages.
Its shape allows you to create both
simple and complex compositions based on your skills.
You can choose between
different levels of learning and the most suitable difficulty.
Incastro increases  children’s  
creativity and develops their concentration and self-esteem as they progress through the game and achieve results.

Gioca come
Endless ways to play
For all ages

Incastro allows you to fully express your imagination through endless combinations.
You can make
useful desk objects such as photo holders, pens, but also durable constructions such as swords, pistols, rackets or wearable items such as bracelets, crowns, helmets. Complex buildings such as bridges or castles, moving structures such as mills or trains.

 Unique Modular shape
•  Heavy-duty buildings
•  Quality
•  Multilevel

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