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Quality and certification
100% made in Italy

We work hard to ensure that children can play and enjoy our product in total safety.
The materials used are of the
highest quality, certified and completely safe for children of all ages.
Made of 100% recyclable, non-toxic plastic material, it guarantees durability, resistance, soft to fit, does not stain and is washable.
The product is
self-cleaning, because it has no hollow parts where dirt could accumulate, without lead, without sharp or pointed parts.
Manufactured with
the highest quality standards in Italy.

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INCASTRO is a company that produces entirely in Italy. Our commitment has always been towards the production of a quality toy, which would allow us to build resistant buildings, to play seriously. This has pushed us towards a choice of resistant materials and with tolerances of joining the modules to the limit allowed in the world of plastic and in the toy world. INCASTRO is therefore synonymous with quality and resistance. Choosing INCASTRO means experiencing serious play and accepting certain warnings.



Given that the material used is one of the best ABSs on the market, made with a high content of Butadiene. The material was chosen to avoid expansion problems that are implicit for thicknesses greater than 2 mm. The production technique is by injection, which means that the material is injected in liquid form into the mold in which it undergoes the cooling process. During the cooling time the piece withdraws but continues to adhere to the shape of the mold thanks to the use of an expanding additive. At the end of the cooling the piece has exactly the size of the mold shape. All the pieces are the same.



We found that a 1-2 micron step is formed on the finished piece, on the junction line of the base of the mold with its lid. The area in which it is formed is always different. This phenomenon is due to an uncontrollable movement due to the pressure of the injected material. If two steps are encountered when joining the pieces, it is difficult to insert the pieces. The problem is easily solved in two ways. Overturn the piece so as not to let two steps meet, or continue to fit together with more force, the step is consumed by itself after 2/3 insertions and everything works perfectly. 



With regard to expansion, we can say that plastic materials with a thickness of more than 2 mm undergo expansion due to environmental temperature and humidity. If we distance ourselves a lot from the original environmental conditions, in which the piece has solidified, we can witness expansions that cause an anomaly in the union of the pieces.



Each piece of STRETCH has a certain elasticity. If subjected to an external force the INCASTRO brick deforms. If the external force is not excessive, that is bringing the material not to exceed the yield point, when the stress ceases, the INCASTRO brick returns to its original shape. If the solicitation is prolonged over time, it takes more time for it to return to its original form. This principle of elasticity inherent in the material allows for the construction of very large buildings without there being a break in the module.

UVA-UVB exposure

INCASTRO is a toy designed for use in the home environment. The product is not protected from exposure to UVA UVB rays in sunlight. Using the product outdoors or in prolonged contact with sunlight can alter the physical properties of the module.


To conclude

The temperature and humidity of storage and use of the INCASTRO game must simply maintain the conditions of comfort that also apply to human beings. The temperature limits proposed by UNI EN ISO 7730 range between 19 ° C and 29 ° C with relative humidity included between 30-70% and away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

INCASTRO is not responsible for improper use of its products or for defects deriving from incorrect storage of the product.

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