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Modular interlocking

The fascination of modularity, the research on the subject of the least common multiple, of the efficient sustainable serial element combined with the aesthetic concept of "beauty". Thanks to the lesson learned by the great masters of Italian industrial design such as Mari, Munari, Mangiarotti, they led the Milanese architect Angelo to the development of a form. An iconographic image that finds substance in a unique way of conceiving the project: interlocking. The shape is reminiscent of a little man, a builder who, together with others, is capable of shaping space. Design your world!

Angelo Caterino

Born in Milan in 1975, he is an architect specializing in the production of interior furnishings and building restoration. Graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan in 2002, has always been involved in interior design and design objects.

The carpenter father hands him the passion for craftsmanship and woodworking. In 2012 he presented the Incastro collection at the international furniture fair. From here arise numerous publications in sector magazines.

Today it is still following the development of the INCASTRO project with the aim of spreading the quality of Made in Italy in the world.

Leoreta Lari

Leoreta is the co-founder of the INCASTRO brand. Born in 1982, it specializes in economic analysis and business development. Graduated in Business Administration with the maximum score, she is in charge of the commercial part today. Commitment and dedication, tenacity and wisdom guide the work of growth and acquisition of new markets. "My goal has always been to carry out the development of the INCASTRO project in an ethical and conscious way. As an entrepreneur and as a mother I feel the responsibility to contribute positively to the dissemination of intelligent and creative games, of quality and durable products in the time"



The game has multiple functions because it constitutes an experience with an educational, recreational and rehabilitative value.


With these assumptions I also created Gaming a project realized in collaboration with Assogiocattoli that will see the participation of companies producing games designed for disabled children.



Assogiocattoli is the non-profit association, designed for all companies in the sector based in Italy.


Incastro participates for the first time in the event by presenting the new line of construction game packages for the foreign market. The assortment is enriched with new basic packages divided by size based on the quantity of pieces contained. Prices for all budgets allow a cross-market approach while remaining in the medium-high segment.

By popular demand we return to meet our beloved audience in the most fun and colorful event of the year. This year's news will be the presentation of two new colors and fantastic video tutorials, fundamental to learn how to build more and more with Incastro. The formula is always the one based on the involvement of our small fans who will compete in the realization of the most daring constructions


association that deals with creative activities in large accommodation facilities ...


Collaboration continues with Magica Compagnia, the fantastic gang specializing in children's events. Magica Compagnia chooses to use the Incastro furnishings of the Quito series. Modularity and modularity help to better organize the exhibition space.

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